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Own Your True Power + Create Massive Success

“The Real Deal” Is a 1:1 Brand & Biz Development Program For Female Entrepreneurs who want to turn ideas into a successful business

You’re ready to step into your power & show up as the real you…

So you can live in alignment with your passion + purpose and have the success you crave

You are pumped up and ready to do exactly what it takes to make it happen (oh, yeah!)

Because (more than anything) you want to make a difference in this world & be the real you

Secretly, you’ve been playing small + hiding important parts of who you are in your business

You don’t want to give people the wrong impression of you so you’re not making a big impact

In your heart & soul you know you’ve got the goods, you just haven’t figure out how to unite them

Your biz isn’t really killing it online & you know it won’t until you “Pull All The Pieces Together”

I know you’re workin’ your booty off, doin’ the best you can & making it happen pretty much on your own

You’re tired of the struggle to be your own boss, and you realize that no matter how many courses you’ve taken…

There is a massive mountain you need to climb to actualize your vision and transform it into a reality.

You do NOT want to do this all by yourself, and you know you need some shortcuts to accelerate your growth.

Everything you have online (pix, website, names, images, social media, etc) confuses people because it’s not cohesive

You’re fully aware that it needs to tell a more juicy, unforgettable & shareable “iconic” story that grabs people

With all you are doing, you realize that you have zero idea how to fit all your talents into one sparkly ‘lil package!


It’s time to become more visible so your biz can thrive..

Your image & online presence is the first thing people see

You realize it has to make the right impression immediately

Now is the moment for you to be discovered and seen

Now is your time to be appreciated for who you truly are

It’s time for you to step out into the spotlight

To claim your true power and step up to serve your tribe

You feel ready to get out of your comfort zone and pull it all together, once and for all!!!

In “The Real Deal” we work together 1:1 to discover your unique brand archetype &  create secret ways to infuse this key element into your entire brand & biz so you start attracting the right people to your business – without them even knowing your secrets!


In Just 3 Months We Will Completely Transform Your Biz!

I will help you shift into higher gear & elevate your mindset so you feel empowered


Let’s face it, there’s a ton of competition out there for your dream peeps attention

So, what are you going to do to make them really fall in love with you forever?

Most people are building their businesses from the outside… in, so they aren’t build to last

Just like true love, your work really has to come from the heart and soul to nourish & sustain you

When we work together, I reach into the core of who you are to build a rock solid biz foundation

We uncover your Brand Archetype, and infuse it into every aspect of your image, brand & biz

  • Have your entire online presence analyzed (to the core!)
  • Get radiant clarity about who you are, what you do on a soul-level and the big reasons WHY!!
  • Uncover your unique brand archetype blueprint
  • Learn how to infuse your brand archetype into every aspect of your brand
  • Clearly define your dream clients so we target your tribe
  • Discover how to create a dynamic personal brand from the inside
  • Learn how to position yourself “out there” for maximum effect
  • Elevate your personal style – hair, makeup & wardrobe
  • Develop a “Style Board” that defines your brand
  • Receive a “Brand Style Guide” of your brand colors, fonts, patterns so you can begin to create a recognizable + cohesive visual identity
  • Define your elevator pitch & mini bio so you can spread the word about who you and what you do with absolute ease and complete confidence
  • Learn to fly outta the nest! Get more visible – be seen, heard and position yourself for success!

It’s for female entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, writers, performers, bloggers, artists, personalities – bold & beautiful boss ladies who are the face of their brand.

Its YOU and ME – up close and personal, digging deep together to transform you & your biz into a majestic butterfly!

Using my Samurai Rockstar talents – I help you get radiant clarity, whip your mindset into shape and help you to:





That is exactly what you have me for & I will bring out your best!

This amazing transformation happens in just 3 Months!!!

Our meetings will last between 1 – 1.5 hours

 You will receive an audio recording of our session for your archives



It’s THE KEY to building an authentic brand with a living, breathing heart & soul.

The Twelve Core Archetypes Found in Branding and Business Development - Based On The Work Of Carl Jung

Your Archetype embodies an eternal truth with the power to dive directly into the vein of human need, fear, desire, drive, motives and dreams.

Archetypal branding breathes life into a business by generating a powerful human connection that creates instant loyalty, devotion, and trust.

Universal Archetypes trigger an immediate reaction and emotional impact that is at the core of decision making, and relationship development. By tapping into the collective unconscious with your brand, you instantly appeal to universal human needs and create connections that inspire emotion.

“After working with Ko-Shin, I’m radiantly clear about every aspect of my branding & exactly how it’s meant to look & feel! Before working with Ko-Shin, I had a vague sense of what I wanted my message to be but didn’t know how to brand myself. I struggled with conveying who I am in my business & wasted time & money creating websites that didn’t capture what I do. She helped me with everything from personal styling (clothing, my image, hair & make-up) to the branded colors & fonts that represent who I am & the strategic plan to express what I want to project in my business. I’m 100% confident now that I know how to shine who I am into the world. I feel more authentic in my business because of Ko-Shin’s incredible insight! I already see the results of our work, my clients & subscribers have increased substantially!”
Kamala Chambers, My Rapid Launch
“Working with Ko-Shin was like stepping through a portal of BIG possibility. She asks the right questions, and she helps you see your future. She might be an oracle. Our first conversation had me swimming in new inspiration and I’m now looking at my business and brand with a fresh perspective. Talk about headache-alleviating-clarity! I could not have done this on my own! Within a week of our first conversation, a piece I wrote was published on elephant journal, 3 new teaching opportunities came knocking, and I opened up a brand new stream of income.”
Jillian Anderson, Earth Body Mama


Diamond Life Media logoImagine having clarity + knowing how to pull your brand together

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You leave each session sparked with realizations + specific action steps

Diamond Life Media logo

Everything is practical, achievable, & tailor made to address your specific needs

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You feel seen, heard & supported in a way that elevates + electrifies you to get results!

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You are supported, encouraged & held accountable so you make the changes you need – FAST!

Welcome to Diamond Life Media. I’m Ko-Shin, a master of transformation. I help people make major $BANK in their biz without losing their soul. After working with Celebrities, Spiritual Masters, Best-selling Authors, Visionary Entrepreneurs and Mega-Millionaires, I know EXACTLY what it takes to step authentically into your true power. My biggest gift is the ability to see your potential and release everything blocking you from reaching it.

My life’s journey has been paved with starlight and glitter: by 16, I was working with Hollywood & Broadway celebrities onstage, on-camera, & behind the scenes in multiple aspects of production. I’ve shared the stage with many celebrities including Christopher Reeve & Donna Summer and worked with legendary filmmakers including Abel Ferrara & Martin Scorsese.

For over 15 years I’ve been a Makeup Artist & Creative Director transforming the images of thousands of men and women worldwide. From celebrities to everyday beautiful people who want to look and feel their best, I’ve done it all. My work has been featured in films, videos, TV programs, magazines, runway shows, ad campaigns, & more.

Additionally, 12 years intensive corporate work experience in luxury fashion & beauty >>generating multiple millions in sales<< has given me a thorough understanding of how to merge iconic brand development with modern marketing strategies to produce raving fans and quantifiable results. I know exactly what it takes to be a star and I can help you rise!


What Happens In Our Private Sessions?!

We dive deep into who you are, why you created your business (or want to create one), and who you serve.

I analyze + reveal your brand archetype and help you understand the power of this life-changing approach to business and brand development.

I show you actionable strategies to successfully infuse your archetype into your brand.

Together, we look closely at what you are doing that works, and what needs to shift and get radiantly clear

I analyze your online presence + personal image and help you create a vision for an elevated version of you.

Then I show you how to implement that vision, and hold a sacred space for your own personal evolution.

My empathic skills help me to see who you truly are, so you feel safe, confident and empowered.

I help you step more profoundly into the truth of who you are, and access your true power.

Transformations and revelations occur and the process is life changing for you and your business.

As you start to understand your brand archetype we discover how to create and present your cohesive brand

The Results: Clarity, Confidence, Clients & Cash!

Have You Finally Decided That Its Your Time And Commited To Yourself?!


When you DECIDE you are willing to do everything necessary

To get where you want to be and to have what you want

I only take on a very small group of clients at a time so you get the attention you really need.

In addition to our weekly sessions, you have access to email me during office hours and get help with anything we are working on. In the 12 weeks that we work together, I access powerful energy to help you shift into the mindset and vibrational space you need to be to step into your highest power. This is a life-altering transference of energy that will help you in every aspect of your life.

Our work together is focused on your business (it’s true) because that is the vehicle for your life’s work. My purpose is to help you rise. I will help you face your shadow and embrace your light. I will help you ignite your soul on fire, so you can truly be the woman you want to be. I will hold the space for your greatness and see the real you and help you expand into who you really are. I can see into your soul, and help put it into your business so you build something that is meant to last. I know you are not doing this just for the money. You have real passion and purpose. Let me help you realize your dreams!



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