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Diamond Life Media is a creative branding + design agency.

We help you clarify, define and communicate your message with conviction.

Our creative projects involve most things visual and written that creates & builds a brilliant brand…

From juicy copywriting to crafting images, artwork, posters, hand-drawing killer logos and other branded collateral, we build seductive marketing campaigns and create clever brand strategies that build your brand’s identity, visibility and authority.

Whether you are just building your brand from scratch, or an established business looking to re-brand  (need a total make-over?!) or create a hot new campaign, we work directly with you to create an iconic brand that packs a punch!

The creative team at DLM has a rich background in advertising, art, beauty, design, fashion, film, illustration, music, technology, writing and way more.

We are a maverick group of leading edge innovators and envelope pushers.

We know exactly what it takes to become a star and have a wealth of experience working behind the scenes to build legendary brands with the top players in our respective industries.

Whether you need a brand identity (or make-over!), a logo, copywriting, coaching to get clarity about your unique brand, or want to work together to realize a massive project – we can work with you to turn your vision into reality. Depending on your project’s size and budget, we will custom design the perfect plan for you.


Uniting her strengths and passions as a creative director, branding strategist and marketing expert, Ko-Shin leads business owners and their teams, to discover the essence of their organization, creating unforgettable, iconic brands that rapidly produce outstanding results.

Her authentic, soulful approach helps entrepreneurs and organizations develop radiant clarity in their communications to create profitable, thriving business cultures as well as fast-growing communities of fans and followers.

Combining over a decade working behind the scenes internationally as a celebrity makeup artist with extensive corporate work experience launching + developing major brands in beauty and fashion, Ko-Shin understands how to unite the power of iconic brand development, modern marketing strategies and proven business practices to produce a legion of raving fans and quantifiable results.

The secrets to her success are joyful personal alignment, a mind open to possibilities, willingness to take risks, passion for new challenges and the fortitude to complete huge projects.

Inspired by legendary comic book artists, Award Winning artist Billy Perkins was already on the creative path at the ripe old age of four. Influenced by his passion for album cover art, psychedelic poster art and the world of music, Perkins merged his passions and has created an unforgettable visual identity that rivals his influences.

Sought out for his ability to create unforgettable images, Billy Perkin’s illustrious 23-year career has produced sold-out rock posters for legendary bands including: Alice in Chains, Blondie, Bonnie Raitt, Britney Spears, Cheap Trick, Cheech & Chong, Coldplay, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Judas Priest, Rick Springfield, Patty Smith, The Cure, Van Halen, Widespread Panic, ZZ Top and many more! His work has been published internationally in books and publications including: The Art Of Modern Rock, Swag 2, Gig Posters:Rock Show Art Of The 21st Century, & Classic Rock Magazine to name a few. He has been commissioned to create epic movie posters as well as to grace the covers of CD’s & LP Packages for many recording artists. Billy is constantly working in high demand to design one-of-a-kind logos, sizzling graphics, and children’s book illustrations.

The five time award winner of the infamous Austin Music Industry Awards is truly unstoppable. Everything he touches turns to gold, or in our case…..DIAMONDS!


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