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The most memorable brands are built from the inside-out. I love digging deep with my clients to help create radiant clarity about how you want to be seen, what you want to cultivate, the people you dream of serving and the path to connecting with them to build a thriving community.

Working with these details, I design a magnetic brand identity for your business. I help you strategize how to position yourself to be seen as an expert, and bring out the best of what you offer. Then we take all of this information and start creating a visual and written identity that attracts your dream tribe.


Diamond Clarity Branding Session = 1 hour session

Archetype Blueprint Session = 1 hour session

MP3 Recordings Of Your Sessions

3 Logo Concepts

2 Logo Revisions

1 Final Logo for print & web

2 Versions of Logo (in Color + B&W)

1 Watermark of Logo

MoodBoard Creation

Custom Color Palette

Custom Font Pairing

Brand Style Guide (so any part of your team easily understands your brand)

The Twelve Core Archetypes Found in Branding and Business Development - Based On The Work Of Carl Jung

Your Archetype embodies an eternal truth with the power to dive directly into the vein of human need, fear, desire, drive, motives and dreams.

Archetypal branding breathes life into a business by generating a powerful human connection that creates instant loyalty, devotion, and trust.

Universal Archetypes trigger an immediate reaction and emotional impact that is at the core of decision making, and relationship development. By tapping into the collective unconscious with your brand, you instantly appeal to universal human needs and create connections that inspire emotion

“Illuminate My Brand” Investment = $1,997


(Pick 3 for $499)

Social Media Banner Image

Website Banner Image

A Graphic/Image

Pop-Up Image Design + Copy

Biz Card & Letterhead Design (with new logo)

2 hours of Technical Help/Wordpress

Facebook Ad Design + Copy

1 Tagline + 1 Title (Product/Program name)

A Mini Bio

1 Blog Post

Website Theme Installation

3 Auto-Responder letters (this counts as three items)

Podcast Set Up (this counts as three items)

Mini E-Book Layout up to 6 pages (this counts as three items)

Special Request (JUST ASK!!!)

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