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Things I Use, Love & Appreciate!!

It seems like everyday I get tons of questions about what equipment, hardware & software I use to create my products/videos/podcasts/music and online business (the list goes on!) and I thought it would be so much easier for everyone if I just created a page chock full o’ information (true Virgo style) so you can find it all out here in one snazzy place!

I know there is an original creator in all of us, so even if we all use the same exact tools & resources to create our own masterpieces, no two would be exactly alike (just like snowflakes).  I believe in your success and hope that I can be an inspirational part of making your dreams come true.

All the recommendations below are products I have tried, and/or currently use and are Ko-Shin approved (which is a BIG deal since I am a very analytical Virgo!) I’m happy to help you out if I can and should you have any burning questions the best way to reach me is on twitter @koshinmusic.

Cheers to your success!


Having a website is like tending to a garden and requires daily care. Everything is always changing and getting updated faster than you can imagine. There might be services out there that are cheaper, faster, cooler, or whatever – but after 2 years of impeccable beyond outstanding service (and I do call them very often for tech support) I use and recommend BLUEHOST –  for my webhosting & domain name purchases


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