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Having grown up just outside of New York City, it was the bright lights of Broadway, the rebellious street fashion of Greenwich Village, and the iconic glamour of Madison Avenue that inspired me to become enamored with everything related to fashion and showbiz very early in life. At the age of twelve, I was studying acting in Chelsea by day, taking every chance I could to spend my weekends in The Big Apple, and roaming the city with friends after class in search of excitement and inspiration.  I found it in tiny one-of-a-kind boutiques in the West Village where I bought my first handmade necklaces from India, and in Patricia Fields where I would buy as much sparkly makeup as I could afford. Loose glitters, neon eyeshadows, bright pink lipstick – bring it on!

I was a trend setter in my high school on Long Island. The blackest of the black sheep. The kids didn’t know what to make of me. I bravely came up with crazy fashion and beauty ideas, which they made fun of “behind my back” and then within a week, were sporting my new look. Never wanting to be like everyone else, I quickly created a new look and the cycle continued.

By sixteen I was already working with celebrities and legends at The Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts. Hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow, Christopher Reeve, and other beloved actors while learning every aspect of Theatre Production. In the world of theatre it was all about being a part of the community, and learning how to do every department of the production. Lighting, sound design, set building and decoration, props, costumes, wigs, makeup, stage direction, production, box office, sales….did I leave anything out? If I did, well, I learned how to do that too. I will never forget the night I drove with three other apprentices (including the adorable son of the famous actor John Lithgow) from Williamstown, Massachusetts to NYC to pick up some very important antique props that were to be used in our production of “Marat-Sade” with Rebecca De Mornay.

My passionate education also taught me about dedication, persistence, team work, community, the power of collaborating to create something magnificent as well as many other valuable nuggets of wisdom that have forged me into an uber creative person of great determination, passion and integrity.

I continued my education in the performing arts, worked on films, photo shoots, stage productions and other incredible creative projects both in front and behind the scenes. Eventually I became a makeup artist by day and a musician by night.

In both California and NYC I honed my craft alongside legendary makeup artists like Bobbi Brown, working with thousands of women (and men!) of every shape, color and size. Photoshoots, commercials, videos, films, fashion shows, the corporate world, magazine covers, tearsheets, actor’s headshots, weddings, celebrity engagements, album covers, promo kits – I have done it all. From working women to Martin Scorcese to celebrity authors, designers, models, musicians, and actresses…my motto has always been: have makeup kit, will travel!


Originally from NYC, International Celebrity Makeup Artist, Stylist & Creative Director Ko-Shin refined her craft working with thousands of women and men of every shape, color and size in the United States and Europe. With an impeccable artistic eye, a passion for true beauty and a refined talent for style, Ko-Shin brings her creative brilliance and positive attitude to every endeavor. From working women to celebrities, models, actors, musicians, authors, designers, bloggers, and her favorite film director Martin Scorsese, Ko-Shin has the expertise and talent to make you shine! With over 20 years professional experience working on every media platform imaginable from photoshoots, commercials, videos, film, television, fashion shows, magazine covers, actor’s headshots, weddings, celebrity appearances, album covers, promo kits, web-based media and the corporate world, she has done it all! No stranger to the stage and screen herself, Ko-Shin has also appeared in front of the camera as both a performer with legendary artists such as Donna Summer and Harvey Keitel as well as a reporter at the 2012 London Olympics interviewing Celebrities Jamie Oliver, David Beckham, and Olympic Athletes. Ko-Shin knows exactly what it takes to look your best on-camera and off, and will help you achieve the best possible results for your project or event.


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