Overwhelmed by Social Media Marketing?!

Social media is everywhere and it’s become a powerful modern communication tool that is here to stay.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn…the list of social media platforms seems to keep growing by the day.

If you’re not “in the game” posting daily and creating a memorable brand story, chances are you are losing potential clients, customers and cash in your pocket.


Most business owners today realize the power of social media marketing, yet completely struggle to understand specifically how to optimize each user experience, and what tasks are necessary daily to make an impact and an imprint in this rapidly changing social landscape.

Between all the other important things you need to do to keep your business operating smoothly, social media often gets put on the back burner as a secondary priority.

Social Media platforms can provide incredible opportunities to increase customer service, develop and foster new relationships, and is an essential component of nurturing online communities that over time will result in increasing your bottom line.

Whether your business is in the start-up phase or growing at lightening speed, here are seven reasons why you may want to consider hiring a professional to outsource your social media campaigns:

1. Social Media Marketing Strategy

There’s a lot of noise out there to compete with these days! How will your business stand out amongst the crowd? How will you make an impact? What do you provide that is different and how do you want to be received? What’s your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and how is that going to be conveyed visually and in your copywriting? Where do you need to be and when? Your social media agency or consultant will be able to strategically plan a daily course of action that will cultivate exactly what you need to grow your business. If you were taking a road trip, you would need a map, a plan, and resources to get to your destination. You need the same tools for your social media marketing strategy.

2. Brand Assessment + Development

You have a story to tell, but is it being conveyed in the best way possible? Do people look at your online presence and understand immediately who you are and what you offer or is it a bit murky and confusing? Are people distracted by your visual identity or is it compelling and captivating. Is your story unfolding and emerging or are you just posting random pics of cats or what you ate for lunch?! That doesn’t really bring in the sales. Every single image you post tells us something about you. Every social media post is an opportunity to spread your message and tell your brand story. If you’re not doing this daily, you’re making a mistake and it needs to be fixed immediately.

3. Consistency

It’s crucial that your social presence be updated daily. There’s nothing worse than logging onto a website or social account where the most recent posts were from last season or a year ago! Your social media account manager will make sure that you are posting daily, and that the job gets done well.

A social media expert will be able to provide you with consistent daily content that attracts, captivates and converts. Do you have the time, talent and knowledge to devote to this or would your brilliance be more wisely invested in what you do best? The fastest way to grow your business and your team is to understand what your core talents are and to outsource the rest of what needs to be done to other professionals who help you expand more rapidly. As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.”

4. Content Creation

By now most everyone knows that content is king. If you want to stay relevant you need good content that is related to your business and develops your brand story. Do you have time to stay up on all the latest trends? Are you prepared to always be in the know about what’s hot or not? Do you know how to create world class visuals and write the perfect copy that expresses your brand voice?!

Your social media agency will help create cutting edge content that keeps your business current. This impresses people and helps them trust you enough to want to buy from you. Even businesses that were formerly successful are seeing a drop in sales because of their lack of social presence. Nowadays, its becoming a common practice to build out your social media marketing team for maximum impact.

5. Cost

Do you have it in your budget to hire a full-time employee who is a marketing professional with a degree from a good university or someone with years of real world experience, and pay for medical benefits, vacation, sick days, provide a workspace, and all the necessities budgeted for a a full time team member? Will this team member have enough expertise to understand and cultivate the best possible results for your business?

Perhaps, it’s more cost effective and wiser to outsource and hire a social media agency that you know is dedicated to your growth and will help you manage your account with the utmost professionalism. You can trust that this person is constantly learning all the ins and outs needed to monitor, measure and tweak your social media performance on a daily basis.

6. Analytics

Are you aware of what is happening in all of your accounts daily? Are you tracking your growth and monitoring each and every comment? Are you able to see what is working or not and adjust your course of action? Are you targeting the right people in your Facebook Ads? Are your ads converting?! Are you getting a great rate per conversion?

Does all of this make your head spin?! Your social media manager will guide your path and keep your business aligned on the correct journey.

7. Community Building

One of the most valuable assets your company will ever develop is the people that you serve. The community that you build has the potential to support and expand your business exponentially. What do you need to be doing daily on social media to provide a consistent brand presence that defines your company’s values and expresses who you are and what you do? Without a daily social presence, in this rapidly changing arena, you could easily lose your followings short attention span. Creating consistent messages and imagery that fosters your brand image is one of the best ways to show that you exist, you care, and you are fully present in this modern day game. It shows that no matter how old or new your business is, you are hip to modern times and in it to win it. Trust is hard to gain, you want to make sure you keep it by letting your tribe know you care.

8. Best Practices

In this continually changing landscape, it’s crucial that you know exactly what the best practices are for your social media marketing campaigns. As a business owner, you need to put your time and energy into doing exactly what you do best, and hire professionals to focus on the other key elements that bring in new customers and help increase your bottom line. How can you possibly rise to the top at what you do if your energy is scattered. The right social media agency will always stay aware of what needs to be done and exactly how to plan for your growth.

Will social media contests improve engagement? Do you need to increase your daily ad spend? Are you casting too wide a net and need to niche down and micro target your future clients and customers?

Have you realized by now that the knowledge, expertise, education and talent it takes to successfully launch and grow consistent social media marketing campaigns is something worth outsourcing?

Would you like to learn more about how the team at Diamond Life Media can help you grow your social media identity, expand your fanbase and increase your bottom line?

Click here for more information + speak to us today!


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Is your life is just a result of reactions to the world outside of you and cultural conditioning OR have you realized that you are the writer, director, producer and star of your own story?!

If you want to be seen as “The Real Deal” in your life and business you have to step into your greatness and own your true power…

As part of my personal quest to keep evolving, I’ve  been going through a process of self-inquiry to discover the reasons behind what I’m doing in my work and personal life so I can make some changes and ultimately feel more fulfilled.


I’m tired of hiding who I really am so other people can feel comfortable. More than anything, and probably like you, I just want to be who I was born to be without all the fear, drama and reasons why I am not good enough! These are just lies we tell ourselves so we can continue to play small instead of stepping into our true power. It’s time now for all of us to move on…

I’m analyzing whether my motivation has come from a place of love and inspiration, or fear and desperation because honestly, I’m fed up with my own stupid excuses that have stopped me from playing a bigger game!


Clarity is one of the keys that unlocks the door to receiving what you desire. But the question is how do you get clear? One of my techniques is by asking simple questions that reveal the truth to us. They might seem obvious, but if you are willing to be honest with yourself, the questions will open your mind to realize some profound changes.

Before diving in deeper,  download my Diamond Life Manifesto Workbook. It’s four pages of powerful strategic questions to help you get radiantly clear so you can step closer to getting what you truly want. It’s completely FREE, and the clarity you will gain from going through my processes will be life-changing!


Learn to captivate + convert your dream tribe with this FREE Workbook

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The funny thing in the process is that I’m realizing the horrible ways in which I’ve sold myself short in life…

Here are some of ways I have failed (perhaps you can relate):

  • Making decisions or staying in situations out of fear instead of love
  • Believing I couldn’t solve a challenging problem because it was really difficult
  • Not analyzing situations carefully and diving in without considering consequences
  • Focusing on the big picture instead of making small daily changes that would add up to a powerful resolution
  • Allowing other people’s fears and insecurities to overpower my sense of possibility (which led to feeling stuck)
  • Letting other people’s desires have an effect on my decisions
  • Being too selfless instead of sticking with my intentions
  • Thinking too far ahead instead and getting overwhelmed

A healthy dose of self-reflection is an important part of the creative process for anyone wanting to live life on their own terms, especially creatives and entrepreneurs whose purpose is to chart new territory and innovate new ideas.

So, how can you have what you really want if you aren’t aware that you’re the one capable of creating it? How can you make changes in your life, if you don’t clarify where you’ve been and where you want to go?!

It’s not about drowning in self pity or sorrow! It’s about owning responsibility for the results and deciding to write your new chapter.

Instead of just going through each day as if you were just a leaf being blown in the wind, you can choose to reflect upon your journey, and chart a new course. Taking time for yourself to gain clarity will reignite your enthusiasm and passion for life!



I have decided it’s time to uplevel everything in my life. As the saying goes: “As you sow, shall you reap” and I am digging in the dirt, clearing out the muck and ready for the flowers to bloom. It is all about clarity and focus. The power to decide something and claim it. We can do be or have anything we want, and we don’t have to buy into the belief that we have to accept garbage in our lives.

Say YES to what you want and keep your eye on the target.

Focus, meditate, deliberate.

I went through such a long period of not having what I wanted that I have arrived at a Diamond Mind conclusion. I see the mistakes I have made, and I am owning them. They no longer have any power over me.

I know it is frightening to face your darkest shadows, but without embracing this part of yourself, you will never own the strength that is your brightness…

I have written a personal manifesto that I want to read out loud everyday to remind myself and stay on my true path. 11 new rules that I want to live by. You can also create your own rules. Here are mine:


All of us have it – a real superpower that makes us extraordinary.

A power to do something magnificent, a gift given to us at birth, and like the French say, our raison d’etre!

It’s more than just a talent, your superpower activates something that serves other people.

Discovering this will help you move through your life with more purpose and ignite your excitement, especially if you feel like it’s been fading.

So, what is your superpower?!!

Mine is the ability to see the pure potential in everything and everyone!

BUT for myself, I have allowed this Superpower to sometimes become a weapon.

I always think – oh, I can fix that! So I will often pick something (or someone) who needs my help – AND I AM OVER IT!!!

I have decided that I don’t need to fix everything anymore – just because I can.

So I wonder – do you think that you might be selling yourself short somewhere in your life, business, or personal relationships?

Are you accepting less than you deserve just because you have the ability to make things better? Or because you don’t think you can do any better?


Ready to create your own Diamond Life? I created a workbook you can print out to help you create your own manifesto. Clarity will open the door for you to take the right actions that lead you to your dreams. When you really face yourself, you will embrace yourself. That love can never be destroyed, and it gives you the strength and courage to create amazing things, take kick-ass risks, be brave and bold,  put yourself “out there” and own your story so you rise into your glory! My biggest passion in life is giving you wings, because I already know that you were born to fly!!!!

Download your FREE Diamond Life Manifesto Workbook by clicking the button below!

Then hop over to join my new FB community called “The Real Deal”.  

I created it to gather up game-changers, visionaries, rebels, ladybosses, soulpreneurs, dreamers & doers –  JUST LIKE YOU – ’cause its time to start an EVOLUTION. Its also a great place to share your story and your new manifesto with us. I am already clapping for you!


Learn to captivate + convert your dream tribe with this FREE Workbook

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From heroic journeys and epic cosmic battles to dragons, vampires, and the resurrection of god, there are numerous ancient universal stories told in many unconnected cultures that has led scholars to believe these similarities are the result of archetypes that exist within the unconscious mind of every human being.

The legendary Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed our core innate mission in life is to discover and fulfill our deep innate potential.

Jung developed the psychological concept of “The Archetype” as well as “The Collective Unconscious.”

The “Collective Unconscious” refers to structures of the unconscious mind containing memories and impulses of which an individual is unaware.

According to Jung, the collective unconscious contains archetypes: universal primitive mental images and ideas inherited from the earliest ancestors.



Whether you realize it or not, there are compelling reasons that you have fallen in love with certain brands and businesses. Just like people, a brand has a personality and a voice that inspires and evokes an emotional response.

Archetypal brands have an alluring living character that connects deeply to the core of our human psyche.

We, as people, have an identity that defines and links us to others. Your brand needs an identity that can come to life…


As the great playwright Shakespeare once said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”

At the center of our being we are all storytellers, as well as actors playing out a role in our own epic play.

Throughout history, in all cultures on our planet, colorful stories, myths and legends have been passed down from generation to generation as a means to preserve, inspire, entertain, educate, understand and spark emotions.


Archetypes embody an eternal truth that has the power to dive right into the vein of human need, fear, desire, drive, motives and dreams. They represent patterns of thought that cross the boundary of generation, gender, age, race, and culture.

Archetypal branding breathes life into a business by generating a powerful human connection that creates instant loyalty, devotion, and trust.

It’s THE KEY to building an authentic brand that has a living, breathing heart & soul.

These universal Archetypes trigger an immediate reaction and emotional impact that is at the core of decision making, and relationship development.

By tapping into the collective unconscious with your brand, you instantly appeal to universal human needs and create connections that inspire emotion.


The only way to set yourself apart from others is by being yourself, right?  If your brand is intentionally cultivated on an archetypal foundation, it will have an immediate impact on the right people that your business is meant to serve.

You won’t have to work as hard to get the results you want

Everything will fall into place like pieces of a puzzle

Your visual and written branding will align with your archetype, and the core values of your company will easily merge with your marketing strategy.

The depth of this approach creates a truly authentic brand that no one can compete with!


There are 12 main archetypes found in brand creation & archetypal business development.

Your personal archetypal blueprint will probably be a dynamic fusion of two archetypes. This is one of the aspects that will set you apart and define you in a way that helps make your business iconic.


The Heroine, Superhero, The Warrior

The Hero’s Core Desire is to prove their worth through courageous challenge that leads to victory.

Their Focus is on becoming the strongest, most powerful, actualized version of themselves.

Hero Brands: Nike, Red Cross, FedEx


The Magician, The Shaman, The Visionary, The Medicine Woman/Man

The Alchemist’s Core Desire is to understand the laws of the Universe and their place in it. They are innovative catalysts for deep transformation.

Their Focus is to turn dreams into reality.

Brands: American Express, Disney, TED


The Dreamer, The Idealist

The Lover’s Core Desire is to experience intimacy, pleasure, and glamour with an aura of mystery and sensuality.

Their Focus is on cultivating and nurturing relationships in all aspects of their existence.

Brands: Victoria’s Secret, Kim Kardashian, Dita Von Teese


The Fool, The Comedian

The Jester’s Core Desire to live fully in the moment and have a good time. They revel in play and are the life of the party!

Their Focus is to lighten people up and have fun.

Brands: Jim Carrey, M&M’s candy, Pepsi


The Good Girl/Guy, The Regular Person, The Good Neighbor

The Everyperson’s Core Desire is to create community, connection and to belong as a part of the group. They believe that all men and women are created equal.

Their Focus is to fit in.

Brands: State Farm, The Gap, Homer Simpson


The Dreamer, The Romantic

The Innocent’s Core Desire is to experience paradise on Earth. They strive to elevate purity, goodness & simplicity into everyday life.

Their Focus is to create happiness, to return to “The Garden Of Eden.”

Brands: Ivory Soap, Real Simple Magazine, Coca-Cola


The Scholar, The Teacher

The Sage’s Core Desire is to discover “The Truth.”

Their Focus is to use their intellect and analytical abilities to understand the world

Brands: Ivory, Oprah Winfrey, The New York Times


The Seeker, The Wanderer

The Explorer’s Core Desire is to discover oneself through exploring the world.

Their Focus is to experience a more fulfilling, authentic life.

Brands: Levi’s, Starbucks, Timberland


The Parent, The Nurturer

The Caregiver’s Core Desire is to protect people from harm, pain & suffering.

Their Focus is to selflessly help others.

Brands: AT&T, The Red Cross, Campbell’s Soup


The Artist, The Dreamer

The Creator’s Core Desire is to create something extraordinary of enduring value.

Their Focus is to express and give form to their vision.

Brands: Martha Stewart, Crayola, Kinko’s


The Leader, The King/Queen

The Ruler’s Core Desire to control, to lead, to have power.

Their Focus is to create prosperity – in family, business, &/or community.

Brands: American Express, IBM, Ralph Lauren


The Outlaw, The Revolutionary

The Rebel’s Core Desire to disrupt the status quo and create a revolution, or get revenge.

Their Focus is to destroy what is not working.

Brands: Harley-Davidson, Jack Kerouac, Howard Stern



Realizing your brand’s identity will open the door to creating a business that will set you world’s apart from the competition. Your brand will have a personality, and a character that comes to life so you can captivate and connect what you do with the people you serve.

For some businesses, discovering your brand archetype will be an immediate “A-HA” moment that will catapult you into a world of new ideas and possibilities. While for others, it may seem an elusive and complex journey. You might be drawn to two, three or even four archetypes and have a challenging time seeing how to put the pieces together so it makes every part of your business come to life.

Identifying your core values & clarifying the traits that define you will help you realize your brand’s archetypal blueprint.

At Diamond Life Media, we dig deep into the heart of our client’s brand to uncover their essence so we can help cultivate and share their unique story. We work through various fun and creative processes to help you define your business and your brand.

Whatever method you use to discover your archetypal blueprint, it will invigorate your business and create a compass that makes the journey an exciting and colorful adventure!

Shine Bright,







Are People Falling In Love With You & Your Business…

Or Are You Hearing Crickets?!

I hate to say it, but if you aren’t getting the response you want, it is possible that your brand might be boring! Or maybe you haven’t discovered your brand archetype and don’t have a clear visual or written identity, therefore the content you put out isn’t resonating with your dream tribe.


If you are trying to emulate other people who you love and aren’t swimming in the sea of your own originality, chances are the the content you create won’t resonate properly. The entire world is made up of energy, and you have to consider that what you do is actually magnetic. When you link up to your own tune, and align with your own frequency, you create a channel for energy to flow to you. It sounds cosmic, right? Well, in some ways – it is!!

In other ways, we are here on the earth, and who doesn’t like to get energized? We all want to feel enthusiasm, pleasure and joy. Are there ways you can actually turn people on with your work?


Building your business can be seriously fun! Stop trying to fit in, copy your idols or follow trends, and get ready to tap into what makes you so wonderfully enticing so people fall in love with you & your biz! There is a LOT to be said for magnetism and charisma. Don’t underestimate the value of bringing megadoses of personality into your business.

People don’t invest in products or programs as much as the invest and fall in love with people. People who make them feel. People who excite them and make them take action! NOW!!!


How To Create Your Sexy Brand


#1 – Show ‘Em The Goods:

Get out of the world of comparing yourself to others and dig deep down inside to know that you are IT!! You know you have something so uniquely amazing (it’s just like dating) so feel confident that that you are THE ONE!

Let your confidence radiate outward into everything you create in your business. Help people see what sets you apart from your competitors. Let it expand and shine through your eyes when you are speaking, or when you taking a picture or creating a video. Infuse your confidence into your copywriting, newsletters and blog posts. Allow yourself to externally represent this luxurious part of yourself, and express it to the world in the way that you look – show them that you (hot stuff!) are on fire. When people see this light bursting through your essence, everything about you + your biz becomes magnetic…and that magnetism is damn sexy!

#2 – Go Window Shopping (I mean take your brand shopping)…

So, here’s how you do that. Stalk yourself on social media. Stalk yourself online…

Would you buy your own services, programs, or products?

Take a good look at everything you have put out there and be honest, is it cohesive? Are the colors, typeface, and images drawing you in? Are you falling in love? It can be hard to look at ourselves and be honest, but if you aren’t in love, its time to take yourself out for a walk on the town.

Go out (online) and start looking at other people who are in your field and see what you love about their sites and profiles. Start a secret Pinterest board (you can make it private!) and begin collecting all the images that make your heart sing and light your soul on fire! Collect colors and textures that delight you..Have fun building the beginnings of your style board.

This is something I do with my clients whether at the beginning stages of building a brand – or re-branding. It’s something we always did when I worked in Fashion/Beauty and how we created award winning marketing campaigns and international product lauches. You can do it too! This is a really fun and productive way for you to start seeing your vision come to life. You will start to realize what you really love. If it visually excites you, chances are that it will translate to your ideal tribe.


#3 – Turn People On…..

Words are very effective ways to convert prospects into brand lovers…

What are you telling your tribe in your social media posts, email sequences, blog posts, videos and web copy? Are you engaging their senses? Are you using language to transform their thoughts into emotion? Are you tapping into their deepest dreams, core desires, and biggest pain points?

Are you willing to bare a part of your soul and be vulnerable? Or do you want to dominate people with your word slay?

I know this can be a very scary area for a lot of people, but I am SURE that you got into this entreprenurial world to avoid the boring monotony of working for someone else and because you want to make an impact on the world. No matter what field you work in, there is a way to make it enticing IF you find the passion behind your business and start having fun!

Make your brand stand out – Make it sexy!






Need help creating your sexy brand?! Want to learn how to implement these strategies and work with me one-on-one to create your cohesive iconic brand that positions you as “The Go-To Expert” in your field. Ready to transform your knowledge into clarity, confidence, clients & cash?  Click HERE to learn more about becoming “The Real Deal” and enroll in my private 1:1 brand development program.






As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, bizboss, and the face of your brand and business, it’s crucial to your success that you are seen as an expert in your field. You have probably heard it said over and over that in order to develop a profitable business, the right people need to know who you are, like what you offer and trust you enough to purchase from you.

Having a degree from a prestigious institute isn’t the only way to become an expert these days. Anything you have experienced can be transformed into a profitable business niche. Spent time traveling through Asia? Obsessed with all things related to scrapbooking or jewelry making? Backpacked through the Yucatan? Master at all things related to vegetarian cooking? Passionate about extreme self-care?

Your personal experience and self-study are just as valuable as a university degree and with the right help can be turned into content rich products, programs and services that provide solutions to a specific group of people.

By infusing your talent, knowledge, personal charisma, unique style with media savvy and consistent right effort, you can create a fantastic recipe for delicious profitability.



Once you have your brand developed, and have a clear, resounding voice that can be consistently broadcast across all media, it’s time to implement your Brand Strategy. Remember, your brand is not your logo, your name, website, products or personal image. It is more connected to the emotional response you evoke, the essence you emit, and the energy generated around the products/service your business provides.

Think of your brand strategy as the road map to achieving clearly defined goals in a specified time frame. Get very clear about how you want to be perceived! All of your visual and written materials need to convey this essence, or people will get mixed messages.

One of my secret tools for creating powerful brand strategies is through the potent use of archetypes. This is based on the work of Carl Jung, and ever since my childhood obsession with theatre, literature (including Shakespeare), & Greek mythology,  I have always been fascinated by the roles archetypes play in the subconscious minds of humanity.

*If you love reading, you might enjoy one of my favorite books written by the late legendary writer Joseph Campbell, “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”


Based on the intended audience for your business, positioning outlines the specific concepts you will use to market your product or service. These are the actions you and your team will take to differentiate what you offer from your competitors.

The power of effective business positioning is realized by understanding:

  1. Who your ideal customer is
  2. How you intend to reach them
  3. What they receive from you
  4. Your point of difference aka “Unique Selling Proposition”
  5. Who is your competition

In every media used to market your business, you have the opportunity to communicate your position. From the images on your website, to colors, logo, copy and printed materials  – everything company wide should echo what distinguishes you from your competition. If you do this effectively, it will create a powerful level of credibility that creates the groundwork for success.


The planning, development and management of your media are the elements of Content Strategy.

If you want to generate wins for your business, focus on creating genuine results and real value for the people you serve.

The secret to a successful content strategy is to create achievable, time-specific goals that can be tracked and measured. Make sure that your goals and your core messaging are consistent, and your brand voice is in alignment with the needs of your tribe.

Here are some ideas for your content strategy goals:

(I like big goals but the secret is to be more realistic and put in the right effort)

  • Grow mailing list by 10% each month
  • Increase open rate by 5% with each mailing list campaign
  • Increase Facebook Ad conversions by 15% over the next 3 months
  • Increase YouTube Subscribers by 20% over 3 months

All of these goals are measurable, trackeable and time specific.

You can use split testing with your emails and ads to see what generates a more successful open rate. By staying aware of what happens as you track your results, you will start to see patterns developing and have a greater understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Remember, we live in a very fast paced world and digital media is always transforming. Try to be patient and if at all possible, work with experts who understand how to create winning content.


Anyone with a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account can attest to the fact that this can be a huge time waster, so make certain you know exactly what your goals and strategy are before going in the trenches, or you might end up wasting a great deal of precious energy.

The key is to remember that social media is about connecting to real people – your ideal clients/target market and strategic partners. It is the future of your business’ public relations and the key to brand engagement. Get it right, and you will see it effect your bottom line.

That said, the secret to success is in building genuine relationships, establishing your credibility by providing solutions and results and increasing trust amongst your community. This takes time, and consistent visibility. The greater your clarity about what you provide and who you serve, the more targeted your efforts will be.

You social media strategy is a great place to focus on your core messaging and expand it into your daily social platforms. All platforms are different so it depends of what you are selling. Test out a variety of media: images, articles, posts, videos, podcasts, & infographics to see what your ideal tribe engages with. Stay fresh and in tune with current trends, or be willing to take risks and create new ones!

Here are some actionable tips:

  • Research your competition and analyze their every move.
  • On Instagram, see who is liking your competitors pictures then follow and engage appropriately with them!
  • Link all your social media accounts to your website
  • Increase visibility with engaging videos that solve problems or teach skills  (keep it under 3 minutes)
  • Stay active daily. Schedule your time, get in – do your thing and get out (don’t get sucked into the vortex)
  • Build your leadership by sharing relevant articles & info in your area of expertise (fame by association)
  • Continue refining your niche, and speak directly to the core of the people you serve

As you refine and develop “The Four Powerful Ways To Position Yourself As An Expert” – your engagement and recognition will increase, people will trust you and this will lead to more sales.

If you want to learn how to implement these strategies and work with me one-on-one to create your cohesive iconic brand that positions you as “The Go-To Expert” in your field – Click Below to learn more about becoming “The Real Deal” and enroll in my private 1:1 brand development program.







How obsessed have you become with your social media following?

The amount of people on your email list?

Your overall popularity & success?

Are you comparing yourself to the people you admire, and wondering why your business isn’t growing as fast as theirs?

Are you wondering what it’s going to take to get you to the coveted 6 figure status?

I got a major download from the universe today, I know exactly what’s going on…

On my morning walk through the streets of Barcelona with my sweet dogs today, I was struck with this overwhelming feeling of a powerful realization emerging. I tend to be quite introverted about my musings, but my spirit is telling me that I need to continue sharing these ideas, these little gems…

I was thinking about my life and the successes and failures that I have had (or think I’ve had) over the years. I was remembering the wise words of some of the amazing visionaries and mentors that I have met along the journey, and just feeling their spirit of tenacity stirring in my bones.

We never really know what kind of effect we have on other people, or if anyone is even listening to what we say. Does that mean we should stop being ourselves, cave in and follow the crowd?

I was thinking about the concept of success and how this whole online universe has really changed the entire world. So many people trying to be seen and heard, make money, get rich, get famous. All overnight!

The digital landscape has become very, very loud

It embodies the chaos and the hustle & bustle of 42nd St in NYC times a bazillion.

On a daily basis, we get bombarded by emails, tweets, instagram likes and unlikes, follows and unfollows, periscope, snapchat, youtube, facebook…and it becomes a viscious cycle of social media obsession for attention and approval!

Are you guilty of waking up in the morning and looking at your phone before you even get out of bed?

No blame here, I do it too, and I am realizing how much it is affecting my personal equilibrium as well as my own ability to stay in alignment with my passion, power and purpose.

In the process of growing your own social media following, your mailing list and your business in general – are you comparing yourself to other people? I think it’s really normal to do so, but the thing is, you CAN’T! You can not compare yourself to anyone else if you want to stay sane and feel confident in yourself and actually make real progress!

I know that its easy to say that, and really challenging to stay focused only on what you are creating without all the noise in your head shouting at you telling you that you aren’t doing it fast enough, big enough, or good enough as him or her or them. I know!!!

We are living in a crazy time that is juicy + majestic + potent + insane  – all at once!!!

So the realization started to pour into my body as the flashes of faces of really successful people I have worked with appeared in my mind. A rush of love started pouring through my body and I heard the message, “we all start from the same place.”

It was almost like a mantra that kept repeating itself to me over and over so I could really absorb its full meaning, and I started saying it to myself out loud in the park with the dogs….we all start from the same place, we all start from the same freaking place!!!!!!!!

I just allowed that essence move through me like a calming bath of true awakening. I swam in the idea that it doesnt matter what anyone else that inspires me is doing or has done.

It only matters that I keep up with my own Daily Zen, the practice of showing up for my life and my work

The practice of continuing to expand and share my messages with other people in exactly the perfect way that is in harmony with my truth. I cant look at anyone else and compare myself to them, and neither can you (at least I hope you won’t, because it doesn’t do you any good).

You know the funny thing is I have actually worked with a lot of celebrities that most people would drool over and you would not believe how they perceive their own success. These are people who you would think “have it all” and the ridiculous thing is that they almost NEVER think so! They keep comparing themselves to other people, and challenging themselves to move higher and become better or more successful. They never feel like they have made it!


As long as we are here on planet Earth, we are always going to feel there is more we can do. The secret is that we just have to be at peace with that understanding, and keep focused on the breath of life. Giving and receiving over and over and over.

I think if you want to build a successful business and a life that makes you smile from ear to ear, the big secret is to love where you are unconditionally and to just keep sharing from your spirit. Stop focusing so much on success (what you are getting) and keep your mind focused on what you give…and enjoy every moment.

So the next time you find yourself caught in The Land Of Comparisonitis, just remember even they started from the beginning, with zero fans and zero followers and absolutely zero people interested in anything they were doing or had to say!!! I promise, it will help you stay aligned with your own adventure. Let me know how it goes…


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