The Diamond In Your Coal

Do you feel like you are living the life that you imagined for yourself when you were a child, and the world seemed filled with possibility and wonder?

I think most people would honestly say no…

That somewhere along the way, you lost hope, or forgot about your childhood dream. Cast away an integral part of your spirit to pursue “sensible” or “logical” things, to do what your family, culture, church, temple, or society has expected of you.

And now where do you find yourself?

How do you really feel about the life you are living?

I believe that when we are really young, we are like a seed – filled with a distinct potential. That under the right circumstances, we bloom into the very things we were born to be. That nothing really comes from outside of us. That it is all lying there internally, waiting to be discovered and activated. 

When we are young, our minds our gentle and receptive and we take risks without caring about this thing called “consequences” – and yes while some of these crazy ideas could hurt or even kill us, it’s the spirit behind this essential part of ourselves that we must connect with again so we can truly feel wildly and passionately alive right here, right now.

it takes intense pressure to create a diamond

Inside a piece of black, ugly, worthless coal lies a precious stone – a diamond. Looking at a piece of coal, you would never imagine that it could transform into a diamond. Like ourselves and our lives, we might feel as though we are as crude and unrefined as that lump of coal. We might dismiss ourselves and only see what exists now, and what has come before is all that could ever be, without realizing our true potential.

Our journey here is about awakening to our true potential. Blossoming into a fruit bearing tree. Transmuting our coal into a radiant diamond.

But how do we do it – if we can’t see the way and don’t know what we are capable of? How do we forge ourselves into luminous realized diamonds when inside we feel like a piece of coal?

10 steps to realize your potential now

Here Is My 10 Step Process To Realize Your Potential NOW!

1.  Consciously decide that you want to grow, to be open and willing to embrace change.

2.  Stop holding on to all your concepts and ideas, and LET GO!

3. Decide that you don’t fully know anything and be open to childlike wonder and newfound discovery.

4.  PLAY! Go have some fun and loosen up all that stuck energy so you can get into The Flow.

5. Decide that the most important thing is how you feel.

6. Start your day off right – sit down on a cushion and meditate for at least ten minutes. Breathe and just BE.

7. Detox your body and your mind. Eat foods that nourish your body and become a deliberate thinker of positive thoughts.

8. Clear the clutter out of your life and relationships – get rid of things you don’t need, and let go of negative toxic people.

9. Surround yourself with beauty and inspiration and people who lift you higher!

10. Say YES! Focus on the good. Keep your mind steady (meditation practice supports this) and know that by focusing on the good, more and more is coming your way.

every moment

These practices – though seemingly simple will absolutely transform your life on a daily basis. It’s not as much about what we do, but who we are and how we do things that defines us.

By being the person you want to be energetically, you will start to transform every aspect of your life and work.

Every small action leads to real results that accumulate over time. Eventually with the right circumstances your lump of coal will transform into a brilliant Diamond!

Shine Bright,

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